Google Cloud Partner for Google Workspace

  • Authorized by Google since 2011
  • Administer more than 25 Google Workspace domains
  • Manage more than 80 Enterprise Chrome devices, some in Kiosk Mode, others for end users via Chrome Enterprise Enrollment
  • Advanced Google Workspace configurations including SPF/DKIM/DMARC, 2FA/2SV including FIDO U2F security keys, encryption tools, and third party apps

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Huntress MSP

  • Advanced ransomware protection

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Cisco Umbrella MSSP

  • Cisco Umbrella Managed Security Service Provider
  • Protect multiple separate ISP connections, from multiple providers, against endpoints connecting to malware, drive-by downloads, botnets, phishing sites and ransomware
  • Provide additional NSFW domain and category web filtering

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Remote Management and Maintenance

  • Sysadmin for approx 150 end-user devices
  • Automated patching of OS updates and third party apps
  • Monitoring and auditing
  • Remote management for off-site device support

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WordPress Development and Hosting

  • White-glove WordPress hosting, development, and management services for SMBs
  • Major on security, availability, performance, and disaster recovery
  • Exceptional WordPress transactional email processing, configured fully SPF, DKIM, and DMARC compliant

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Ubiquiti UniFi Network Deployments and Support

  • Certified Ubiquiti UEWA for their range of UniFi advanced network products and services

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IT Support

  • Provide IT support to approx 200 end users, supporting a variety of products and services, including some not detailed above

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